The World According to Clay

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[SND]WAClay20180131(Underworld, The Dreaming, 2112).mp32018-02-01 02:04 329M 
[SND]WAClay20180124 (Little Earthquakes, BestZZtop'77).mp32018-01-24 22:22 329M 
[SND]WAClay20180117(Let It Be, Brothers In Arms, Head Games).mp32018-01-17 23:06 329M 
[SND]WAClay20180110(ChicagoII, Foreigner4, Infinity).mp32018-01-11 02:34 329M 
[SND]WAClay20180103(Other Side, Living with War, World in a Day).mp32018-01-03 22:39 329M 
[SND]WAClay20171227(Weird Al night).mp32018-01-01 22:49 329M 
[SND]WAClay20171220(BigNotes, Union).mp32017-12-22 02:36 329M 
[SND]WAClay20171213(ChicagoXXV, Nutcracker).mp32017-12-14 04:02 329M 
[SND]2016-08-16tue DMacFillin WAClay -on the MiFi(20" dish), new Android is too smart, mouse buttons still suck, browsers don't traffic shape, TFHR CafeParis up! .256.mp32017-10-18 18:19 220M 
[SND]2016-08-09tue DMacFillin Clay -why all the distortion .256.mp32017-10-18 18:19 220M