The World According to Clay

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[SND]WAClay20181212 (Whitesnake; Hotel California; Back to the Egg).mp32018-12-13 01:51 329M 
[SND]WAClay20181205 (She's the One; Lucky).mp32018-12-06 02:57 329M 
[SND]WAClay20181128 (Tour de Force; PDQ Bach; Representing the Mambo).mp32018-11-29 00:33 329M 
[SND]WAClay20181121 (Simpsons; Graffiti Bridge; first band on moon).mp32018-11-22 01:25 329M 
[SND]WAClay20181114 (Never for Ever; Sailing to Philly; ChicagoXI).mp32018-11-15 00:12 329M 
[SND]WAClay20181107 (Chain Reaction; Both Sides Now; Back Into Blue).mp32018-11-11 19:19 329M